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I’m always happy to receive messages from readers of the blog. It's a very personal thing, but I get some considerable pleasure and satisfaction from helping men and women through the male chastity minefield.

That said, given the adult nature of the male chastity game, and the fact I receive hundreds of messages each week, please read and follow these simple rules.

  1. Please do NOT address me as "Mistress" or write like a submissive wannbe. Even John doesn't call me "Mistress", so I sure as hell don't want to hear if from you. If you want to be more than casually respectful, call me Ma'am.
  2. If you have a general question that’s not too personal, then please leave it as a comment on the Blog itself. Because then I can answer it and everyone gets the benefit (because if you have a fairly general question, you can bet a lot of others have it, too). Otherwise send it to me using the form below.

    But please note, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get a personal response and the chances are I’ll answer you in a post or update-email (but I promise I won’t identify you).

    If this isn’t acceptable, don’t send me a message at all.
  3. If you send me a message or post a comment which in my opinion is offensive, threatening or abusive in any way whatsoever, then I reserve the right to publish it anywhere I see fit and identify you as the sender. By sending me a message you are giving me permission to do this.

    I have never had to do it yet and I hope I never will. And you can avoid it by not sending me offensive, threatening, or abusive messages.
  4. I am not interested in being your Mistress, Goddess or online titillator. If you are married or in a relationship, then you should be seeking this from your partner, not me; if you are single, then please go out and find someone. I am married and strictly monogamous.
  5. I am not interested in link-exchanges with your website. Nor do I accept advertising on the male chastity blog, nor advertise anywhere else, myself.
  6. I do not want to receive photographs of any kind. Not of you, not of your devices, not of your friends, lovers, slaves or mistresses.
  7. If you have a product, book, blog or website you want me to review, that’s fine. But please understand you are asking my opinion, and that’s what you’ll get.

    Don’t email me afterwards asking me to take down a review you don’t like. If this isn’t acceptable to you, don’t ask.
  8. FINALLY… I do not give personal advice to or answer questions one-to-one. No exceptions. My reason for this somewhat Draconian policy is simply that despite my best intentions and clear instructions on this very page, I found myself swamped with dumb questions from people who should have read the Blog, mini-Guide, and my email updates.

    So, if you want one-to-one attention or advice from me, get my books. It’s only fair those people who’ve invested in themselves by getting my books should be the ones to receive my attention, wouldn’t you agree?

Send me a message

This contact form has been temporarily removed because spamming scum kept sending me idiotic messages with links exhorting me to buy their trash.

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