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Male chastity stories, kinky fiction, and other resources

For several years now I've dabbled in writing male chastity stories and other works of chastity and BDSM fiction, primarily as a way of spreading awareness about the lifestyle in an easily-understood and realistic format. 

I've also written a fair bit of non-fiction stuff, the more instructional "how to" material, and for the same reasons (they're unavailable for the most part right now, but will be coming soon to a Kindle device near you).

Anyway, for reasons I explain here...

... I'm back, and have a lot to say.

Coming February 2023

male chastity stories  - submission

David was torn.

Happily married and content with his successful corporate lawyer wife, Laura, the past he thought long dead rose up once more to consume him with desire... the need to explore his more submissive side under the firm but loving direction of a strong, powerful woman.

But was Laura the woman to take this role?

And if she did... would she lead him to a place from which there could be no return? [read more...]

My author page on Amazon

male chastity stories  - sarah jameson

Sarah Jameson is the author of 'Stacy's Game', 'Monaco', and 'Tatiana', creator and host of the Male Chastity Blog, and real-life keyholder to her beloved husband John.

... she writes a mixture of male chastity stories and non-fiction, with a deliberate eye for accuracy and realism, to keep it representative of what CAN happen for couples who enter into the male chastity lifestyle and take it seriously [read more...]

Chastity Fiction

male chastity stories - tatiana

Tatiana. Enigma. Exotic beauty. Rich far beyond the dreams of avarice. Maneater. But this doesn't deter the man she names "Igrushka" -- 'Plaything' in her native tongue -- who makes a brazen approach when he first sets eyes on her at the party on her father's luxury yacht.

Yet this time... perhaps he's bitten off more than he can chew, and the mysterious Tatiana begins to spin her web of irresistible desire, orgasm control and mind-bending tease and denial, ever drawing him further in like a moth drawn to a candle-flame... to a doom he cannot resist yet knows he cannot bear.

Ultimately she seeks one thing -- utter male submission and surrender, to own him as a true male slave. His orgasm is hers to control and ultimately deny... and despite his begging and pleading, she is implacable...[read more...]

male chastity story - monaco

In this, the sequel to Tatiana, we find Igrushka in Monaco, the willing guest of Tatiana and her mafia-boss father, Nicolai.

But still Tatiana refuses him the release he so desperately needs, and he finds himself inexorably drawn deeper under her spell, the price of her flawless body the complete and utter surrender of his orgasm to her implacable will... and his only hope of release hinges on Tatiana's need for him to make love to her wholly and without restraint.

But who are the mysterious Dr Von Hoffman and his beautiful assistant, Kristina?

And will Igrushka be permitted the relief he hopelessly begs for, or does Tatiana have other plans? [read more...]

Cuckold Fiction

cuckold chastity fiction - stacy's game

Joe and Stacy are off for a well-earned weekend break. Joe has been busy working and his promises of the 'early days' intimacy are wearing a little thin.

Stacy, Joe's devoted wife, is a highly sexed woman and her idea of a husband willing to please seems very different from Joe's, whose continual bugging for her to seek her pleasure elsewhere is enough to drive her to distraction. She's a one-man-woman and all she wants is her husband to give her what she so badly needs.

A weekend break in an upmarket hotel is exactly what Joe needs to regain his energy and begin keeping his promises.

But Joe can't keep his mouth shut and throws down his challenge one time too many.

Until Pete catches her eye, and she decides to call Joe's bluff... and he finds this time he's gone too far... [read more...]

Non Fiction

male chastity and marriage

Male chastity and orgasm denial are a fabulous way to enhance a marriage, especially for the male submissive and the dominant female. But it's not a panacea. The claims it's right for everyone, every marriage will benefit from it, and every man wants it are all lies.

And in this uncensored and frankly written male chastity book from someone who is living the lifestyle, you will discover the truth about strict orgasm denial and male chastity in marriage, why so many men want it, why women want to give it to them, and the many, many benefits they get from it.

I do warn you: this Guide is not about titillation or a badly written female domination fantasy, absurd male chastity stories the like of which you'll find on forums and blogs in every nook and cranny of the Internet. If that's what you're looking for, then I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed.

It is not intended to thrill and excite; it is meant to educate and inform.

So if you are looking for a cheap thrill, then buy some of the chastity fiction you can get in this store or elsewhere on the 'net (I do write chastity fiction. You can see it on my Author Page).

But, if you're looking for a sane, sensible, realistic and genuine guide to male chastity, then you will discover... [read more...]

tease and denial

Tease and denial is for most men and women a small but necessary part of a strict male chastity lifestyle. A small minority believe in ‘lock and leave’, but this is mostly a myth. The truth is most men who crave male chastity want teasing right to the point of orgasm on a regular basis and then to be left hanging until the next time… when it happens all over again.

In this guide I reveal eleven tried, tested and proven tease sex and orgasm denial techniques for men and women to put to work for them in their strict male chastity lifestyle. My husband and I enjoy every single one of them on a regular basis, and he gets to orgasm once in a blue moon and we are imminently aiming for permanent orgasm denial for him.

In short, these tease and denial strategies work.

In this guide you will discover... [read more]

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