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Free chastity guide

Seeking male chastity but don't know where to start? Relax, because you're not alone. That's why I'm offering you this free male chastity guide.

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Why He Wants You to Say "No!"

The fact is, male chastity is a surprisingly common fantasy among men and your desire to have your orgasm withheld and denied even for long periods of time isn't unusual in the least.

It's not exactly mainstream, I'll grant you, but think of it this way: every man under the sun enjoys being teased and taken to the edge and kept there...

... and male chastity and orgasm denial is a natural extension of that.

The difference is of style, not substance. Men and women experience sex and orgasm differently, and what male chastity does is align those differences to give both of you the best sexual experience you can have.

Alas, the chances are you've been put off by the bullshit you're read on the Internet and been put off by the hype and myths I talk about on the blog.

So if you're looking for safe, sane, and realistic information about and advice on male chastity, then I strongly urge you to help yourself to Why He Wants You to Say "No!", my FREE guide to the male chastity lifestyle.

It's delivered to your inbox as a series of emails over the next couple of weeks.

By the time you reach the end you'll know exactly what you're letting yourself in for and, perhaps most important of all, how to go about asking your partner to play along.

Just scroll down to the panel below, leave your details, and click the button... and the first part of Why He Wants You to Say "No!" will be dropping into your inbox in the next few minutes.

You have nothing to lose but your orgasms, and a whole life of exquisite strict and uncompromising male chastity to gain.

P.S. Don't fret and worry and struggle to live the male chastity lifestyle you crave — instead, help yourself to Why He Wants You to Say "No!", the perfect FREE guide to male chastity for men and the partners they want to play along with them.

I'll also put you on the "update list" for my upcoming fiction releases (early November 2022, just in time for Christmas).

Scroll down to the panel below or click here.

FREE Male Chastity Guide

In Why he wants you to say "NO!" you will discover...

  • The lies and truths about male chastity.
  • What NOT to do when considering male chastity.
  • How to make male chastity fun and exciting.
  • The uncomfortable truth about "kayfabe", and how it's STOPPING you from living your fantasy.
  • And much, much more.

For a limited time, you can help yourself to this Guide absolutely FREE…

... and before you know it you’ll be enjoying the exquisite male chastity lifestyle you crave. I'll also send you my daily "slice of life" emails so you can see how male chastity works in a real-life relationship.

So… just leave your details below, click the button, and let me take care of the rest!