Chastity Caning

First thing is I'm appalled at myself. It seems hardly possible but it's been almost twenty months since I last posted. Not far off two years.

Why have I left it so long?

I have no idea. 

It wasn't intentional but sometimes life just gets in the way. More to the point while male chastity is fun and exciting, even after a decade or more, it's like any aspect of a relationship and becomes the norm.

It would be impossible to live life at full throttle in any endeavour. So, life goes on, John remains in chastity, and twenty months pass just like that (I do know he's not been allowed to orgasm since I wrote that post, so I expect the time has gone more slowly for him than it has for me).

In fact the reason I'm posting now is I've serendipitously had a few emails recently asking about John and the caning bench I've mentioned before.

After popular demand, then, here it is...

The notorious caning bench

John's caning bench

John has spent many a happy hour over this. Well, I was happy about it, at least

John made it himself to his own design, although that was guided by my own requirements. They were simple and boiled down to just two criteria:

  1. It must be inescapable once you're over it.
  2. You must be able to secure yourself without my help

The reason for the first is obvious; the reason for the second less so until you understand the dynamic in which we use it.

I have a series of blog posts to write on this topic so I'll keep the details brief here.

When John's due a caning I instruct him to wait for me on the bench, and that necessarily means securing himself over it. It's easier than it sounds. The ankles and right wrist are easily done, and the left one he secures with a padlock he's able to close with one hand while wearing the cuff.

The upshot is once he's clicked it shut, he's there for the duration, however long that is (he WhatsApps a trusted friend because if I was to drop dead with him on the bench there's no way he'd get off it. Echoes of Steven King here, I'm sure).

It takes him about ten minutes to get into position although I generally make him wait longer than this. Typically I'll potter around doing things for half an hour or so before going through to the room where he is, although once I went into town and did some shopping — he wasn't too happy at being left for two hours, but that's how it goes when you submit to another's authority. 

Once I'm in the room I'll pick the cane up from the stand, tell him how many strokes he's due (generally 60), ask him if he's ready, and then I begin. 

There's no warm up and my first stroke is as hard as the last, unless he starts begging for mercy in which case I remind him this is a punishment and cane him even harder.

It's strict and formal with no frills or softness about it. More about this in another post because I found it difficult at first and went easy on him.

Over time I've realised letting him off easy is counterproductive. It's what he wants in the moment, although while he never complains about it I do know he's been disappointed in the past when I've relented and stopped before I'd delivered every stroke.

So now the rule is I don't stop until I've delivered them all, no matter what. I've not had to gag him yet but I think I probably would if he whined too much.

OK, that's it for now.

I just wanted to break the silence and get back into the swing of posting. I'll make it a more regular thing from now.

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  • 1) Did your slave experience a pleasurable orgasm or ruined orgasm at all during this relentless phase?

    2) Did your slave experience atrophy of the penis during this time?

    • No, not during the caning. The lady who taught me how to use the cane properly said she knew some men who did orgasm during a caning, but it was rare.

      I take the whole thing with a pinch of salt.

      And, no. No atrophy.

      • Thank You for dispelling the MYTH of atrophy! A man’s cock can handle ANY length of time in COMPLETE chastity and retain his entire length!

        No more excuses! YES WE CAN last THAT LONG in chastity, safely!

  • I would love to read and learn more from you about strict punishment. I struggle with the thought of giving a real punishment even though my husband and I talked about implementing it into our marriage. Would you please consider writing a small guide or blogging more about this subject to help those of us who would like to come farther out of our shell ? Thank you

    • Miss Elly,
      I think intimacies are best when done in love. A good disciplining has the potential of being a highly emotionally bonding event. If administered and received with the openness of the love you hold for each other nothing but good can come from it. You both need to know what each other is looking for and want it for yourselves as your very own.
      We believe and feel all men need a good corrective disciplining every once in a while even though they did nothing wrong.
      It’s not a punishment, it’s a disciplining and should be conducted as one. No sexy pat a cake or any warm kind of warm up. Take up your positions and and just go to town. Uniquely Rika suggested if your husband boyfriend wants a spanking, give it to him. Spank the hell out of him and get a load of the expression on his face. I suggest Stern reprimands can be spoken but no raised voice accept to be heard over the spanky noises.
      I have to stand and just take it. I bend over the back of a chair incase my knees buckle the spank zone remains in the same place and in position for the duration.
      If the chair is at a table, I lay on my left arm and Annie holds my right wrist with her left hand for a passive restraint.

  • I’ve never commented on your blog. I have read many of your posts. My wife is my friend, soul mate, key holder and disciplinarian. All consensual. We are immensely happy. She was reluctant about it. Thus, we took it slowly.

    I’ve never experienced a caning bench but will suggest it. I get disciplined cuffed to a low metal pole I installed in a small room. A former owner converted the area into a large clothing closet and dressing area. It’s very private. About 50 hard strokes (once doubled for sassing during a caning) are administered. My wife doesn’t leave me, perhaps for fear of an emergency. She has entertained her sister over lunch or coffee while I waited there for a session. Her sister is unaware of our relationship. I never experienced atrophy from chastity, though we discussed permanent denial.
    Thank you for a chance to comment.

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