5 myths about male chastity (they all need to die)

by Sarah

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There's a lot of nonsense spoken about male chastity. I don't think you can study the subject for more than a few minutes before realising that.

But while there's no harm in a little make-believe, I think it's important to keep a sane perspective on things. Male chastity is a fun and exciting game, yet let us not forget no matter how seriously we take it, a game is all it is. 

So let's look at some of the common myths about male chastity.

Women are raving over male chastity

If you look around the Internet you'd be forgiven for thinking there are vast hordes of women out there frothing at the mouth with the desire to lock men up in chastity devices, treat them like dirt, and take any number of lovers (usually black and well hung).

I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but most people — women and men — have never even heard of male chastity, let along hanker for it.

In fact, most men might enjoy gentle teasing but would recoil in horror at the thought of their orgasm being completely denied. And while cuckolding is a common fantasy it's still a small percentage of the population who have it.

Most men and women are vanilla in their thoughts and desires.

Men can be forced into wearing a chastity device

Men cannot be "put" into chastity.

Let's take my own John. He's in his late 50s now but because part of our regime is he has to stay in shape he has the body of a man half his age. He's strong, lean — with a 6-pack most of the year — and used to teach martial arts.

Please don't be so stupid as to imagine I could force him to wear a chastity device or bend over a bench for a caning if he didn't consent to it.

We have a deal. The only compulsion on him is his own honour. He also knows if he wants me to play the game, he has to play his part, too.

The only sanction I and other women have is to refuse to play.

You can stop a man from orgasming


If they're sufficiently horny men can orgasm in their sleep.

If they're awake they can manage it even if they can't actually touch their genitals directly.

Male chastity is somehow the "natural order" of things

This is a particularly stupid idea. Men and women have evolved the way we have for a myriad reasons.

Most women are less assertive and aggressive than most men in most circumstances most of the time.

If you really believe women are somehow in control you are clearly blind to the way we're mostly treated as second class citizens in most countries of the world. In some backward societies we can't go out without the permission of a male family member, drive cars, or have any kind of independent existence.

Even in the West women are routinely and tacitly treated as property and inferior to men (we're paid less, are the de facto carers for children, and are more likely to be assaulted, raped, and murdered).

Ultimately, women are pretty much at the mercy of men. 

There's such a thing as an inescapable chastity device

This last one is perhaps the daftest of all.

I've seen posts over the years where men have claimed their wives have tricked them into wearing a device (WTF?) or have managed to put one on them while they slept...

... and now they can't get it off.

Come on fellas... we all enjoy a laugh and a good yarn, but you're just making yourself look stupid with this nonsense.

No belt on this or any other planet would stand up for more than a few minutes against a man with a few tools and a determination to get free.

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