Forced male chastity: the fascinating & silly myth of compulsion

by Sarah

Forced male chastity... a bit of a hot topic, and, ultimately, one large pile of unicorn shit, chastity stories, make-believe created for a cheap thrill. The basic premise is there are men out there who are forced to wear a chastity device against their will.

People – usually men – make this claim on forums and on blogs and it seems there’s a group of nodding-dogs out there who actually claim to believe them.

And round and round the forced male chastity fantasy goes… where it might stop, nobody knows.

forced male chastity

Yes, there are undoubtedly men out there who are happier than others about the fact they are wearing a chastity belt; yes, there are maybe even women out there who have threatened, promised or cajoled all manner of different consequences if the belt it removed, from divorce to never playing the male chastity lifestyle again to.…

... God alone knows what.

None of that changes the simply fact…

ALL forced male chastity stories are pure fantasy

Yes, forced male chastity is a hot fantasy (which is perhaps why it’s so common), but a fantasy it is. 

Male chastity is as much of a choice as marriage itself, and even less legally binding since divorce requires the consent of a judge whereas breaking male chastity is as simple as removing the belt (don’t tell me… you’re in some kind of high-tech belt modern science and engineering is totally unable to remove, right?).

Now, if you dare to question this fantasy of forced male chastity, all sorts of stupid and fanciful people crawl out of the woodwork claiming it’s real, and they dream up an impressive arsenal of semantic tomfoolery to try and prove their point.

But the one thing that’s always sadly missing…?


Actual documented examples of men who are locked up in chastity belts against their will. 

Evidence of genuine forced male chastity.

And why is that evidence missing?

Oh… could it be, perhaps, that, certainly in a modern Western society… forced male chastity doesn’t exist and probably never has?

Now, let’s be clear on one thing: absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, and we can’t certainly can’t prove there isn’t at least one man somewhere in the world who’s is locked up in a chastity belt against his will. 

We can’t disprove forced male chastity exists

After all, if a deranged father can keep his daughter locked up in a basement for 20 years and father his own grandchildren by her without being caught, then I suppose anything’s possible.

But we don't have to prove it. The lying sacks of shit who make their extraordinary claims about forced into male are the ones who have to provide evidence to support them if they want to be taken seriously.

And just in case that's not enough to make you stop and engage your noggin, here are a few reasons why I say all forced male chastity stories are bullshit:

  1. If the man didn’t want to wear the chastity device, he could simply cut it off with a hacksaw, bolt-cutters or other tools. Failing that, he could go to an engineering shop or even call the fire-service. Forced male chastity is physically impossible from an engineering point of view.
  2. Since most men are physically stronger than most women, there’s a good chance if his lady is holding the key he could physically force her to hand it over. And those men who claim they are occasionally let out to “play” could simply use force to prevent her from locking it back on again unless he were physically restrained. Forced male chastity is physically impossible from a human point of view.
  3. The man could simply walk out of the house and go to the police, or a hotel or a friend’s and then have the belt removed in any one of a dozen different ways. Surely those men who are posting on Internet forums bemoaning their awful predicament and reporting what would be an unlawful violation of their rights would instead be, say, asking people to call the police or crying out for genuine help instead of engaging in some kind of circle-jerk with their fellow fantasists?

    Forced male chastity is legally impossible.

I’m, sure you can think of other simple ways for a man to get out of this “forced male chastity” thing.

The truth is...

Forced male chastity is impossible, both physically and legally

Those who like to pretend forced male chastity is real like to slide into arguments about women’s threats and how that constitutes “force”.


So called-forced male chastity is a choice. The best you could claim is coercion. But...

  • If a woman tells you she’ll leave you if you don’t wear a chastity belt, then that’s a choice you have to make. So it’s not forced male chastity.
  • If a woman tells you she’ll divorce you and stop you from seeing your kids, then that’s a choice you have to make (a moment’s thought shows how silly this is: since a judge actually decides these things, the man would do well to get evidence of her threats and then present this at the divorce hearings). So it’s not forced male chastity, either.
  • If a woman tells you the only kind of sex life she wants with you is one where you are in forced male chastity then that’s a choice you have to make. So it’s not forced male chastity.

In all these hypothetical cases, male chastity is a choice

Perhaps it’s not an easy choice, but it’s still a choice

And the curious thing about people is we tend to choose the least painful course of immediate action even if it’s not the least painful in the long term.

So, for example, a man might choose to remain in a chastity belt with his wife because the pain of leaving her and starting over is greater than the pain of wearing the belt.

Which means forced male chastity is a choice.

We all make these choices, and we generally won’t switch the choice until the pain of the thing we don’t like but can endure… becomes unendurable.

Looking at it another way, the mechanisms we know would have to be in place for genuine forced male chastity are necessarily powerful and complex (like perhaps building a subterranean addition to your home to keep the poor fellow in, or exercising some kind of Jedi Mind-Control over him to stop him simply removing the belt or seeking assistance).

But the mechanisms required to explain any kind of compulsion to male chastity in terms of consent are simple and well understood: plain, ordinary consent.

Not forced male chastity.

Which, I wonder, do you think is the most likely explanation?

Experience shows a good rule of thumb is to look for the simple, most likely causes first… and male chastity being a choice rather than some complex conspiracy of forced male chastity replicated hundreds of times around the world certainly passes that test.

If forced male chastity were real, we’d occasionally see cases of it cropping up on the news when the man eventually escaped.

But we don’t see this, do we?

And why don’t we see it?

Because it isn’t happening.

And why isn’t it happening?

Because it's a fantasy, just like Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy.

Now, why do the fantasists get so worked up about this when you expose it?

I don’t know because I’m not one of them, but I suspect it’s because they’re like any other group of ideologues in that they have their irrational beliefs about how the world works and they hold them for purely emotional reasons.

This is perhaps why it’s impossible to argue them out of their position with logic – because their position on forced male chastity is emotional and you can’t beat emotion with logic easily (if at all).

Ultimately they fall back on the (again emotional) argument of “why are you arguing about forced male chastity?”, meaning “why are you being mean and spoiling my fantasy of forced male chastity?”.

Well, as I’ve said before one of the reasons for starting the male chastity blog was to provide a source of information which is perhaps a little more rational and cerebral than the illiterate wank-fodder so many people like to post.

Nothing intrinsically wrong in their posting it, and I fully support their right to freedom of speech (a shame they so often don’t reciprocate)

But I also know many women seeking information about male chastity, usually after their husbands or lovers have brought the subject up, are frightened and even repelled by the extreme and fanciful forced male chastity stories out there.

And I hope to play my part in adding a bit of balance to the discussion

Ultimately, this is why wrote my chastity guide. Not because my way is the right way for anyone but me, not because I think everyone should be doing it the way I do it whether it’s right for them or not.

And one thing you won’t find in it is nonsense about forced male chastity.

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