Put into chastity and other painful and pitiful nonsense

by Sarah

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Men often claim their wives put them into chastity. They genuinely expect others to believe they have no choice about it and (of course) they can't get the chastity device off.

I even remember one chap, several years ago now, who claimed his wife put him into a chastity device while he slept, and he was now unable to get it off.

Yup, there are actual adults out there who are that stupid.

Look, I get emails.

I get a lot of emails.

Most of them are friendly enough, if a little banal at times, although I do understand some men might be intimidated at sending me an email at all.

It takes courage for a man to admit to his desire to be controlled and have his orgasm denied. 

To be fair, men and women, in general, struggle to articulate their desires clearly, perhaps because they fear mockery, rejection, and even disgust.

It's tragic to think they're afraid to turn to their partners and simply say, "I'd like you to..." without fear of shame or censure.

But I digress.

Back to the emails I get. 

The less friendly ones I get tend to be demanding of my time and attention, men who think I owe them something.

Some of them even send me pics of themselves in their chastity cages and wonder why I'm not impressed (believe me, your soft and flabby belly hanging over your caged cock does nothing for me but make my gorge rise. Clue: John has a 6-pack, even in his 50s).

But the most frustrating emails of all?

The ones from the men who seem to be living in a fantasy world.

Some of them present to me as women, but over the years, I've developed something of a sixth sense for them. I can't always put my finger on it, but something about their tone and sometimes sheer sincerity stands out as a red flag — this is a man pretending to be a woman and trying to engage me in titillating 'girl-talk' about how we put our men into chastity and keep them there against their will.

But most of these fantasists play the part of men who claim they're kept in a chastity device and have no choice about it.

I can't bring myself to even reply to these asshats any more. I used to engage them and ask why they didn't simply cut the device off or call the police for Christ's sake, but I soon learned their capacity for bullshit was more than I could cope with.

So now I simply delete the emails and go about my day.

If you're now reading this and you're disappointed because you expected this blog to give you a cheap thrill, then you've made a big mistake.

There are sites and forums out there where you can get your sad, shabby dopamine fix, places where you and your fellow pretenders can buy into each other's kayfabe and kid yourselves you're real slaves.

This site is a place for serious discussions and information about male chastity. I've been writing on the topic for almost 13 years and practising it with John for more than 15. He's been locked in his Lori 2C for almost 3 years and almost never gets out (and definitely never gets to cum).

I don't have the will or the wherewithal to indulge or engage with people who are not serious.  That doesn't mean it's not fun, because it is (the opposite of fun is not serious; the opposite of fun is solemnity).


... if you're genuinely serious or seriously curious about consensual male chastity, FLRs, punishment, serving your lady, and even punishment, then you're in the right place. Get the guide. It's free.

But if you're looking for a place to pretend you're something you're not and being forced to do something you aren't...

... then you aren't.

And you'd be better off going elsewhere.

P.S. Don't fret and worry and struggle to live the male chastity lifestyle you crave — instead, help yourself to Why He Wants You to Say "No!", the perfect FREE guide to male chastity for men and the partners they want to play along with them.

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