male chastity and marriage - perfect complements

Male chastity and marriage: some shameless secrets you’ll love

Male chastity and marriage are perfect complements. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to after more than a dozen years in the lifestyle with John.

It’s seems scarcely possible it’s been so long. It seems even less possible I’ve been writing this blog for more than 10 years. The very first post I ever wrote is here, but as you may notice if you’ve been here before, much of the stuff I wrote is missing.

Exactly why that is I’ll come to anon, but…

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Chastity Blog - Journey

Chastity blog: my personal reason for writing one

I started to answer the question of why I am writing a chastity blog right from the beginning, but I get easily sidetracked, both with work and male chastity itself.I’ll try to do better! Primarily it’s because we have reached a point now where we’re not only more comfortable and settled in the lifestyle, but we’re sufficiently … [read more]

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chastity device - Lori 12D

Chastity Device: How (not) to buy a new one

The dubious joy of shopping for a chastity device. Jumping forward from the CB3000 to today, missing out about 2 years of some pretty interesting stuff (I promise I’ll get through it all in time), we’re currently in the market for a fully-fledged chastity. belt.John’s Lori #12DAt the moment I have John fairly safely locked away in … [read more]

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